Trauma Recovery Is The Key

I can tell you that trauma is responsible in life for everything that derails us, when we emerge from trauma we are able to make healthy empowered choices that eliminates unhealthy people and situations from our life.

Once you escape your abuser, everyone “expects” you to feel better the problem is no longer there so what is your problem? The fact of the matter is, you can not go through abuse and not suffer trauma, if you leave and the trauma is left unhealed, you will be emotionally worn down constantly fighting all the horrific negative emotions and addiction to the abuser and to make those horrible feelings stop it is like any drug addict you will return. I truly know this pain, it is indescribable it is torturous and annihilating.

Human conditioning has taught us to try and ignore and escape any emotional trigger. Meaning if we feel any emotional painful feeling, we try to do everything possible to get away from it.

Many of us from a very young age have had the messages “try not to think about it". Or we are talked out of bad feelings, by people whom also where experts at talking themselves out of their own bad feelings and therefore did not have the capacity to validate ours.

Yet, we know that when we try to ignore what we feel or to pick up some distraction, or what we are feeling isn’t true for us, that this does not feel good.

Life experience has also shown us that the inner bad feelings usually keep coming back. And why wouldn't they, after being indoctrinated into believing that emotional triggers should be avoided at all costs.

Many of us, who tried gallantly to achieve this, found out that the painful triggers such as from abuse, that were often in repeat, did not go away not matter how hard we tried to think or talk our way out of them.

What was extremely painful was the triggers would often explode from inside us at random times and may have caused us to hand power away to other people because of being derailed emotionally, maybe even cause us to lash out at people we love simply because we are feeling overwhelmed with our selves.

Being plagued by painful feelings will take up room trying to survive them rather than presenting yourself in a strong calm factual self in order to deliver the information that is required to the correct authorities to support yourself in abuse situations. The best way to disarm an abuser is by being in your healed power, abusers can be calm under pressure, after all they are the ones abusing not being abused, they can present themselves completely normal they are in fact master manipulators. This can add to your trauma as you try to get authorities and court systems to support you and to see what is being done to you.

And when you are suffering the triggers of feeling anxiety, depression, powerlessness, helplessness, or even panic attacks until you learn that you are responsible for handling your triggers in a self-supportive way, you are susceptible to trying to find something outside yourself to try and switch the trigger off.

This could mean all sorts of unhealthy ways such as food, cigarettes, alcohol, shopping, excessive device time, hooking up with people that hurt you, and all sorts of desperate measures to escape the pain.

What happens when you heal your trauma?

You no longer are controlled by things happening “outside of you” you no longer will make decisions from a broken “state” you will no longer feel trapped by those horrific pulls to the abuser or be suffering feelings of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. You will have a solid healthy identity to make calm rational decisions from, you can reclaim your life, I promise you when you start supporting your-self, life starts supporting you.

You start seeing life again not for what is happening to you but what is happening for you, your inner being wants nothing more than for you to live a happy fulfilling life free from abuse, being in abusive situation is not your “truth” your truth is to feel safe, happy, whole, inspired and free.

You will transform those horrible feelings of abandonment, fear, shame, guilt, desperation, worthlessness, and hopelessness to feelings of abundance, freedom, joy, happiness, love and peace.

When you are operating from a place of healed inner power, you will no longer be a "match" for abuse or toxic relationships You will make solid healthy decisions based on your well-being and what is a "match' for your happiness. You will attract healthy like for like people into your experience as that will be your new truth.

This is what I want for you and this is totally possible to create, if you go in and release each wound which is exactly what my breakthrough process does, you will thrive beyond all your traumas to a level beyond your dreams.

With love




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