Abuse is mind bending. 

And ... the most confusing thing about it at all, is that you may not even be sure what is really going on!

Even after “being certain” that you are connected to a narcissist (or at the very least someone abusive), there can be days where you think…
“Why don’t other people see or experience this person the way I do?”
And …
“I feel like I’m going crazy, so maybe it IS me who is the sick one.”
Possibly, you have been reading tons of information and trying to get much-needed clarity within the madness. 
Certain things fit what you’re going through, and maybe there are some things that don’t.
Is this person beyond help and reasoning?
Is there some hope for this relationship (whether intimate partner, family, boss, friend, etc.)?
I understand all of these confusions and agonies, because I deeply went through them myself. 
Hence, why I am determined to deliver clarity regarding what you are going through, in painful, difficult or toxic abuse relationships.
Because I know that if you can’t start getting some answers it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to heal from this.
The other problem is that so many people are trying to diagnose exactly “what” the other person is, after realising that they do have serious issues.
Is this person REALLY abusive?
Or maybe they are suffering some other Cluster B disorder.
Perhaps this person is just unavailable and selfish, rather than a abuser.
For years I tried to diagnose the abuser in my life, in order to work out if there was a way to get him to grow up and act decently and safely.
Back then, I had no idea that this equalled me handing my power away.
Thank goodness, as a result of what I discovered about True Recovery, I was able to finally anchor into my values and rights.
I then emotionally graduated to a level of being able to walk away, intact, from people who didn’t have the capacity or desire to be healthy.
Regardless of their “label”.
My work is all about showing you how to deeply know and actualise your own relationship, health and truth, regardless of who or what other people are being or doing.
There are very real ways to get clarity around your situation, stop this person from hurting you in the future, and create a far brighter reality for yourself that is no longer defined by abuse.
With Love

Kristy Xx


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