Are you a business owner that's...

  •  Unable to stand out amongst the competition?
  •  Struggling to win your audience's attention?
  •  Failing to simplify your marketing message?
  •  Struggling to create brand loyalty?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, you're not alone.

Did you know that cultivating a strategic storytelling practice is one of the most powerful ways that every growing business and lasting brand needs? 

When done well, storytelling on video can do wonders for your business: such as turn your brand into a legacy, create a vigorous online marketing tool, generate profit and capture the undivided attention of your name just a few. 

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Finally! A great storytelling resource not just for filmmakers and professional video creators but for every serious business owner looking to make a bigger impact with their story and message.

One of the big misconceptions for business owners is that they think video storytelling needs to be a "once-a-upon-a-time" concept. 

Rather, it's about incorporating the fundamentals of storytelling for example:

Choosing which key elements you use to communicate your message, the order of those elements, how you capture attention, developing the emotional impact, bringing out the human element, etc...

All of these are highly important in the way we market our business that is authentic, compelling and clear to our audience.  

This value-packed, 24-page workbook will show you..

  •  How to clearly communicate your story online that becomes the backbone of a strong marketing strategy
  •  How to simplify the complexities of your products and service so you can convey your marketing message more effectively
  •  How to sell the purpose and values of your business that captures the hearts and minds of your audience
  •  How to develop a brand or business story that is both profitable and human


Mark D. Flores spent over a decade working 9-5 in various roles in the broadcast television industry before he decided to venture out as an entrepreneur. Backed by many years of broadcast and production experience, Mark founded Falcon Creative, a company that specialises in video storytelling and video production for small to medium-sized businesses, thought leaders and global brands. 

Since their launch into the marketplace, Falcon Creative has serviced brands like Tiffany & Co. and thought leaders like Dr. John Demartini. They continue to help their clients use online video as their main source of ROI. Their role is to translate their client's unique story or message to video that allows them to connect with the hearts and minds of their audience, builds brand awareness, market penetration and lead generation.  

Besides production work and driving the company's vision, Mark is also a passionate video storytelling strategist and presenter.

Mark's mission is to help businesses and entrepreneurs create a rich, compelling story and message that touches the hearts and minds of the people they serve, and ultimately enhance communities around the world.

What People Say About Our Videos...

"Grateful tears watching this. I had so many mixed emotions going on that day. This video captures everything we were all feeling."  

"You can feel the emotion and energy all over again! I love it!"  

"Awesome storyline!"  

"Absolutely brilliant... We want more."  

"Brilliant! Awards material."

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