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Modern Calligraphy

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Saturday, Oct 3rd 2020
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This Free Training Is For You If…

  • You find Modern Calligraphy interesting
    Modern Calligraphy is an art that can capture a person's attention. You are willing to learn because you find it interesting but don't know where to start.
  • You want to take a break
    Besides looking not just for a new hobby, you're after an escape from your hectic, busy lifestyle. Modern Calligraphy can also mean meditating to what surrounds you. It can be something to give yourself some much-needed 'me-time'.
  • You want to make extra money
    Modern Calligraphy is not just some craft that you can do for yourself. You can also offer it as a service to others. Calligraphy has always been desired in different ways like invitation letter for an event, posters, branding logos, etc., and people are willing to pay someone to do it for them.
  • You want a new hobby
    If you feel stuck at home and want to find new things to do to get out of boredom or simply just because you want to learn something new. Something that you can easily start with at home.
  • You want a challenge
    You really like to challenge yourself. Modern Calligraphy looks very interesting to learn but it is not that easy at first. You have to develop your skills in making those curves.
  • You need to learn calligraphy
    It might be because you need it for your logo, your project, your wedding and for many other more reasons. If you don't have the budget to hire a calligrapher, you just want to be hands-on with Modern Calligraphy.



I'm Kim Tran-Flores, founder of Kimlligraphy. I'm a tea drinking, full-time Modern Calligraphy artist and 'me-time' advocating ambivert with a passion in mindfulness.

I'm a wife and mother with a vision to help busy women receive the gift of the present moment and creativity.

I also partner with local businesses, companies and global brands to deliver a unique calligraphy experience from private trainings, group workshops, creative meetups to corporate services and personalised products.

In 2020, I launched '
Kimmunity': A Members-Only VIP Community That Teaches You The Beautiful Art Of 'Mindful Modern Calligraphy'.

I look forward in helping you fast-track your success with Mindful Modern Calligraphy and show you the many possibilities that this beautiful art can bring.

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