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Meet Kimlligraphy

Kim Tran-Flores is a Sydney-based Modern Calligraphy artist who founded Kimlligraphy in 2017. Inspired by her late grandfather's career as a signwriter and the world of lettering art, Kim discovered a passion for calligraphy and uses it as form of mindfulness.  

Kim is a tea drinking, floral and minimalism musing ambivert. Kimlligraphy, has serviced various businesses and brands (Tiffany & Co., Westfield, etc), groups and individuals who appreciate the art of beautiful writing and are looking to add a little lux to their products/events or simply wanting something special for themselves or their loved ones.

Kim also runs some of the most popular Modern Calligraphy workshops in Sydney, notably "Soul", infusing both Modern Calligraphy and Mindfulness.

Kim loves spending time with her family, watching Harry Potter marathons and going on food-eating adventures.

In Part 1: The Tools

Get a look at the various tools and equipment used for Modern Calligraphy.

In Part 2: The Inks

View the different types of inks Kim uses to produce her calligraphy creations.

In Part 3: The Basic Strokes

See the basic calligraphy strokes that joins together to form individual letters.

To receive your free 3-part video series, just enter your details below and click the button.

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