Helping you strengthen your mental health during COVID-19 and beyond.





The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all. The life we once knew has all of a sudden been taken away. Many of us are now working from home in isolation and in fear of an uncertain future.

Besides the changes that the Coronavirus has made in our lives, there is the potential of a long-term effect that can be more damaging than the virus itself...

The impact can have on our psychological well-being and mental health.

Mindfulness practice has been shown to be an effective remedy in overcoming negative emotions such as stress and fear as well as poor habits.

The free online Mindful Well-Being Summit celebrates Mindful Month in May and our 6 expert speakers are here to help you receive the gift of the present moment.

Our speakers all have many years of experience and valuable content that will help you be more creative, happy and inspired during these very challenging times and beyond.

Plus we're giving away some prizes!


Self-Care & Meditation

Stress-Relief &

Positive Psychology
& Performance

Creativity & Mindfulness

Essential Nutrition

Positive Pregnancy
& Birthing


Engage with these 6 women leaders who will transform the way you think about mindfulness and how to strengthen your mental state throughout these turbulent times.

Daniella Elias

Self-care advocate & soulful guide at Amity Created, Daniella will share practical tips on meditation and how to easily give yourself permission to pause in a more inspired way.

Kat Millar

Business coach and founder of Amplify Your Influence, Kat will share tips on productivity, positive psychology and mindful performance in business.

Carol Johnston-Mollica

Founder of Mindset Mastery NLP, Carol is a coach, trainer and mindfulness facilitator who will help you overcome bad habits and how to relieve stress.

Hannah Johnson

Founder of Twinewood Studio, Hannah is known for her delicate, considered illustrations, creative workshops, and mindful approach to photography. She will show you how to ignite your creativity and be present.

Tina Pullen

Hypnobirthing practitioner at The Birth Collective, Tina will help expecting parents prepare for a positive pregnancy while at home and get them ready for a beautiful, mindful birth experience.

Trinh Mai-Guico

Essential nutrition coach and co-founder of DIY Personal Training, Trinh will lend her expertise on how to help you develop a mindful and better relationship with food and physical fitness.


"Thank you for organising the summit. I have found it incredibly useful - I have taken away a number of tips that I will try to use in my daily life." - Heather

"Thank you for all the valuable info that all the awesome ladies have shared! It's been such an amazing info session...I have so many takeaways to improve myself and my life." - Maria G

"Thank you so much Kim! This has been wonderful for me to connect with so many wonderful strong women. This was just what I needed at the end of a very trying month. Thank you" - Zoe

"Thanks so much Kim such an empowering and inspiring group of ladies you have brought together." - Inês S

"Excellent summit! Love the speakers, love the format. Thank you, thank you" - Cecilia F

"So good to spend two hours on a Saturday morning (wasn't sure I would remember to join as life comes along) listening to these inspirational chats. Thank you Kim for organising the session and inviting lovely ladies." - Priya N

"Thank you Kim for organising this session I’ve enjoyed it, it has been very helpful!" - Rose N

"Amazing summit! Thank you" - Thy H

"Thank you to all our wonderful, helpful speakers. I'll take away a lot of tips to work on & enjoy experimenting. Brilliant summit." - Jean B

"This summit has been brilliant!! Thank you SO MUCH to all of the beautiful woman for being so generous with you time and knowledge!" - Melanie

"Love the session! Thank you for organising!" - Andrea

"Kim, this has been great. It's a great support and opens your mind up to different ways of thinking and living. Listening to strong women and seeing how they cope with life. This is food for the soul x" - Dadam

"Thank You Ladies..!!! What an awesome summit" - Linda T

Date: Saturday, May 2nd 2020 - The replay is now available for a limited time.
. . .

The Mindful Well-Being Summit is an immersive and invaluable experience that took place online on Zoom. What a successful event we had! Stay tuned for the replay.

The 2.5 hours was made up of engaging presentations with Q&A time with each of the seven inspiring women in business. The online event is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey through different aspects in mindfulness practice — from inspiring your creativity, to helping you perform at your best at home while working for someone else or on your own business.


  • Summit Intro
  • Tina: Positive Positive Pregnancy & Birthing
  • Hannah: Creative Mindfulness
  • Daniella: Self-Care & Meditation
  • Carol: Overcoming Stress and Not-So-Good Habits
  • Kat: Positive Psychology & Performance
  • Trinh: Mindful Nutrition
  • Kim: Wrap up & Mindful Calligraphy
  • Summit Close


  • Are feeling stress and anxiety especially at home during these uncertain times
  • Want to learn how to feel more inspired through creativity
  • Are an expecting parent, feeling alone and struggling to stay calm and present
  • Lack the motivation and energy to run your business productively
  • Want to learn the benefits of mindfulness and meditation
  • Want to overcome bad habits and create empowering ones
  • Want to have a healthier diet that you can easily prepare for yourself and your family
  • Are finding being confined at home is affecting your mental health and well-being


Kim Tran-Flores, founder of Kimlligraphy is a tea drinking, Modern Calligraphy artist and 'me-time' advocating ambivert with a passion in creative mindfulness.

She is a wife and mother with a vision to help groups and individuals be more present and fulfill their creative potential with the help of the best calligraphy teachers, pen artists and mindfulness teachers from around the world.

Kim is the artist behind a soon-to-be-released worldwide calligraphy digital font, the creator of the 'Mindfulness Me' product range, provides calligraphy service for the world's top brands and host of the podcast, 'Mindful Creatives'.


Is the online event free to join?
Yes, it is! Simply register and you'll receive the details to watch the event on the day.

Is there a limited number of viewers that can watch?
We have a limited viewer license, and spaces are filling up fast - so make sure you register now!

Can I invite my friends?
Yes! Please share with them this link:

Will there be a replay of the event?
Yes, there will be although by watching it live, you have the opportunity to ask questions and be in the running to receive one of the prizes!

How can I watch this?
You'll need an Internet connection, a computer or a mobile device. The easiest way to log in to the event is to pre-install the
Zoom app on your device. You will receive the link in your email to log in before the event starts.

How do I enter to win a prize?
All summit participants (excluding crew & speakers) are automatically entered, we will draw 7 winners on the day of the summit after each speaker has presented.

What is the prize T&Cs?
Standard T&Cs apply. Kimlligraphy takes no legal obligation for any prizes that are giving unless it is a Kimlligraphy prize. Service-based prizes expiry are at the discretion of the prize giver. Prizes cannot be traded for an alternative service unless agreed by the speaker who is giving away the prize. Prize cannot be exchanged for cash. Only viewers who are present when prizes are being drawn are eligible to win. Kimlligraphy will be taking down your details to pass onto the speaker so that they can arrange delivery of your prize.

What do I need to prepare?
Come with an open mind, free yourself from distractions and if you want, feel free to take notes. Show up and receive the gift of learning and inspiration.